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About the company

CALAVITIS SA is one of the original companies in the Greek motion picture market and the first to have established its highly acclaimed 16×7 Technical Support for all its customers.

The founding company began in 1968 and originally dealt with the sale of photographic equipment and accessories for the consumer market. A few years later, it penetrated the motion picture and television markets and has grown to be one of the market leaders in these specialized fields.

The Company relies on 4 solid foundations which have proven themselves over time :

  • Highly trained and specialized staff.
  • Close customer support throughout the selection, sales, after the sale processes
  • Strong relations between our Team and our manufacturers.
  • Professionalism and mutual respect to the market’s rules and its many players. 

What We do

Today, CALAVITIS S.A. maximizes customer satisfaction with its expansion into the fields of broadcasting, installations and systems integration. With its technical team of qualified engineers and consultants, it offers complete solutions and studies.

In addition, the company continues to deal actively with the import and sale of high quality products and equipment throughout Greece and Cyprus, as an ever-increasing number of professionals in the motion picture, production, post-production, and broadcast industries rely on CALAVITIS S.A. as a dependable source of products, services and expertise.


Our aim has always been to maximize customers’ satisfaction and bring a solution orientated approach to all needs that might arise.  We are able to achieve this successfully thanks to the long-lasting collaboration with the majority of manufacturers and to our team who continuously monitors developments and follow training programs provided by the firms we work with. Our goal continues to be the offering of high-quality products and customized services. However, it is a fact that, due to the global economic situation but also due to the technological achievements, times have changed and different fields have merged. Consequently, it is vital for us to be flexible and to face the new challenges with systematic approach based on our long experience and dedication. This is also aided by our large international network of “friends” we have acquired over the years, who always support us and who contribute significantly to the development of the company.

Our greatest strength are though the people who make CALAVITIS what it is and stands for today. The highly trained staff, with their ethical values and solution orientated approach, has been the determining factor of the many successful years Calavitis has been in the Greek  market. Our family approach has provided and provides the care and the flexibility to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the market and yet maintain clients and partners for decades. Our belief in the founding ideas and our close contact to clients and manufacturers has proved to be the winning combination to a strong and solid presence in our market all along.

We are confident that with our highly motivated and dedicated Team, we can only move forward successfully.

Anna Maria Calavitis: Managing Director CALAVITIS S.A.

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