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CALAVITIS S.A. provides products and services to professionals in the motion picture, production, post-production, and broadcast industries.

The founding company began in 1968 and originally dealt with the sale of photographic equipment and accessories for the consumer market. A few years later, it penetrated the motion picture and television markets and has grown to be one of the market leaders in these specialized fields.

Today, CALAVITIS S.A. maximizes customer satisfaction with its expansion into the fields of broadcasting, installations and systems integration. With its technical team of qualified engineers and consultants, it offers complete solutions and studies.

In addition, the company continues to deal actively with the import and sale of high quality products and equipment for distribution throughout Greece and Cyprus, as an ever-increasing number of customers rely on CALAVITIS S.A. as a dependable source of products, services and expertise.


  • TV Stations (national broadcast): Alpha TV, Antenna TV, Alter TV, ERT, NERIT, Μega TV, Skai TV, Star Channel, Greek Parliament TV, NETMED TV, CYBC, etc
  • TV Stations (local broadcast) : Star Channel KE, TRT TV, Astra TV, Center TV, Kosmos TV, SBC TV, City News, Crete TV, ENA Channel, 902 etc
  • Studios: Karamanos Studios, Kapa Studios, Alfa Studios, Tsili Studios, Pegasus Studios, Studio ATA, etc
  • Theaters: Pallas, Aliki, Badmindon, Faust, Apothiki, Horn, Alma, Rouf, Dipethe Kavalas, Dipethe Patras, etc
  • Rental Houses : Karamanos, Makedon, Lazaridis, Tonikon, Kineton, Arctos, White Balance, Stefi, Daffy etc
  • Radio Stations: Sport FM, 4E Radio, Sentra FM, Skai Radio etc
  • Post Houses: Stefi, Baskakis, PLD, Kino, Max Productions, ENGS, ENA Productions, Modiano, XYZ Production, Orasis Anosi, Central, OBS, Cinegram, Telekinisi, Leousis etc
  • Educational Institutions: New York College, SAE, Aristotelio University of Thessalonika, TEI of Athens, TEI Kozanis, Stavrakou, Open University of Patras, etc

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