NEW MWJ for RøDE VideoMic Pro

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Rycote's new Mini Windjammer for the brand new Røde Video Mic Pro. 

The Mini Windjammer for the Røde Video Mic Pro with Rycote Lyre provides excellent wind isolation for capturing audio in high-wind environments. Made from high-quality synthetic fur specifically designed for wind isolation, it slips over the foam windshield provided with the Røde Video Mic Pro with Rycote Lyre for additional wind protection with virtually no additional loss of high-frequencies. 

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Phoenix Lite Audiocodec for Smartphones

Convert your iPhone™ or Android™ Smartphone into a high performance Audio-Codec with Phoenix Lite! AEQ launches Phoenix Lite, an application will allow you to establish a high quality bidirectional connection between your Audio-Codec AEQ Phoenix, or other brand compatible with N/ACIP, and an iPhone™ or Android™, either through the 3G mobile network or a Wi-Fi access point.

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Rycote Cyclone Windshield System

Rycote introduced the “zeppelin” or “blimp” shaped windshield system in 1969. Although this iconic shape has been widely imitated, the iconic Rycote Modular system has evolved to maintain industry-leading performance.

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The New Rycote InVision USM VB-L

For several years, Rycote InVision mounts have been available for narrow-barrelled shotgun and stick microphones in broadcast and videography applications, but not until 2010, and the release of the striking Universal Studio Mount (USM) was there an InVision shock-mount capable of accommodating large-diaphragm recording microphones for use in recording studios.

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Jordanian Seagulls Selects Audemat

 Bordeaux-Mérignac, 20th February 2015,

WorldCast Systems has announced the sale of both APT audio codecs and Audemat RDS encoders to Jordanian media company, Seagulls Broadcast. The deal, brokered with the aid of WorldCast's Amman-based dealer, HEAT engineering aims to fully equip Seagulls' two radio stations; Mood 92 and 102.5 Beat FM with the latest available technology.

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